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  1. HOLY COW!!

    It won’t be long before it is like that in Idaho were I am at. Here is some good info to take the sting off.

    Using these simple tips I have been able to go from 25mpg on my 2003 Saturn Vue SUV to 30-32mpg over the last few months.

    1. Change your air filter.

    2. Check for gas tank leaks.

    3. Use the correct seasonal tires.

    4. Inflate your tires properly (usually 35psi).

    5. Clear out your trunk.

    6. Fill up when it is cool outside.

    7. Drive a light-colored car.

    8. Park in the shade.

    9. Don’t top off your gas – it will spill.

    10. Tighten your gas cap.

    11. Use correct fuel grade for your car – check the owner’s manual.

    12. Limit air conditioner use.

    13. Roll up windows on the freeway.

    14. Avoid roof hauls.

    15. Don’t idle in the morning.

    16. Turn off air conditioner, radio, and other electronics when you start your car/truck.

    17. Plan your route away from traffic jams and construction.

    18. Go the speed limit – driving at 70mph uses 20% more gas than 55mph.

    19. Drive evenly on the gas pedal.

    20. Avoid sudden stops.

    21. Avoid idling while driving – 1 hour of idling will burn a gallon of gas.

    22. Only use the right foot on the pedals.

    23. Don’t weave in and out of traffic.

    24. Accelerate before you go up a hill instead of on it.

    25. Check local gas stations for discount days.

    26. Fill up 3 days before holidays.

    27. Fill up on near empty.

    28. Look for member benefits – usually offer $0.03 off per gallon or more.

    29. Look for credit card discounts.

    30. Use public transportation whenever possible.



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